Courses offered by Kabwe Institute of technology in Conjunction with Common wealth of Learning

The course aims to help educators establish or improve their own online or blended teaching practices and develop a working understanding of successful online teaching strategies.

Participants will:

  • learn strategies and best practices to help plan, develop and teach using online technologies
  • learn how best to engage and motivate students within online learning environments and activities
  • learn how to manage time when teaching online
  • learn strategies for planning assessments, grading student work and providing effective feedback in online learning environments
  • experience firsthand, what it is like to be an online learner as part of the process of becoming an online educator

Electrical Engineering diploma is a course offered by Kabwe Institute of Technology. It has a duration of four years. Students who graduate in this course have advanced knowledge in Electrical engineering, this knowledge and skills they posses can enable them to work on their own or indeed be employed in companies such as Zesco, CEC, the mines etc

This is a course under engineering department that deals with the repairer of Motor vehicles and related automobiles. It is done in three levels i.e. trade test, craft certificate and Diploma

  • Trade test has a duration of one year
  • Craft certificate has a duration of two years
  • Diploma in Automotive Mechanics has a duration of 3 years